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Voodoo Lily is Beauty and Beast

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Several years ago, I was given a single bulb to plant in what I called my garden of oddities, a small area I reserved for “interesting” one of a kind plants. From the description I had received, it sounded like … Continue reading

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Mysterious Hair Ice Grows in my Backyard

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I have always enjoyed exploring the small one acre area of woods in my backyard. It has been a great place for walking the dogs, finding mushrooms to photograph, searching for insects or just seeing what I can find. Even … Continue reading

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From a Pack Rat’s Journal: That Mountain of Planters

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I admit it. I’m a pack rat. It’s very difficult for me to throw anything away. If I believe there is even the slimmest possibility that I will find a use for something years from now, I will keep it. … Continue reading

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The Selkirk Loop Cycle Ride

I put together a digital slide show of a bicycle ride I did last summer on the Selkirk Loop which goes thru parts of Idaho, British Columbia and Washington State. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 includes days … Continue reading

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Mega Wasp

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For the last couple summers I have caught fleeting glimpses of some type of “mega-wasp” flying by as I tended the barbecue grill in our backyard. Although I never received an entomology degree as intended, I still maintain an interest … Continue reading

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Flying Down Hill: conquering my fear of cycling on a slope

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Several years ago, after a frustrating series of flats, I went in search of a more puncture resistant tire. A Kevlar slick was recommended to me. I tried it, though I was skeptical of how much traction a tire with … Continue reading

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A Typical Cycling Ride from a Different Point of View

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Usually I am fairly focused during my morning bike ride. But occasionally I will give my mind something to work on in an effort to make the time pass. Today was one of those days. I challenged myself to describe … Continue reading

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Warning! Have you seen this Beetle?

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It would be very surprising if you have. Why? Because it does not exist. At least not in the real world. This drawing was rendered using Adobe Photoshop (CS2). Although I have used Photoshop for quite some time, a vast … Continue reading

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