The Selkirk Loop Cycle Ride

I put together a digital slide show of a bicycle ride I did last summer on the Selkirk Loop which goes thru parts of Idaho, British Columbia and Washington State. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 includes days 1-3, and Part 2 consists of days 4-6. Click on the colored type or images below to view one of the Animoto slide shows.

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5 Responses to The Selkirk Loop Cycle Ride

  1. paythepiper says:

    Got here from a comment you left on my blog. I’m not a biker, but my husband… oh, my husband. He is a triathlete, currently training for an Ironman in May, but his first and foremost love is his bicycle (or rather, bicycles…). He is so avid that every vacation he plans (and some I veto) revolve around cycling.
    This is beautiful. I am NOT showing it to TriGuy or it will go on the list of future trips and we will never again go on vacation without his bike in tow…
    As an aside, I used to live in B.C…. Revelstoke. A long time ago and many miles from my current home in Texas. But I still love the mountains.


  2. LOVE IT! This is a goal of mine — apart from the tents. We would have to plan a trip where we biked to hotels. hahaha! This would be a dream trip for me–heres to my health — that I can!


  3. BTW — shared this one too


  4. Tom Flaherty says:

    Hi Rick, I saw a picture of a cracked planter that I think is on your blog. I was wondering if you would have a problem with me using the pic on my FB page.

    I am a Christian and I wanted to use it for an illustration. Would you mind?


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