Mushrooms: The Fungi that Fascinate

The wooded area behind my house is constantly changing. Trees and plants grow and develop, drawing energy from the sun and the decaying matter around them. And then at the appointed time, they die away and their remains sustain the next generation of plant life.

There are organisms that quietly preform the essential role of decomposition. They are neither plant nor animal. They are the fungi. Not to be confused with bacteria, which are also vital in recycling nutrients, the fungi are a large group of organisms which include molds, yeasts and mushrooms.

Technically the mushroom itself is only the spore bearing, fruiting body of the fungus. But when we see a mushroom, none of this matters. For some reason the mushroom captivates us.

All the mushroom photos in this collage were taken in my one acre back yard.

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3 Responses to Mushrooms: The Fungi that Fascinate

  1. Finn Holding says:

    Hello Rick, I’m really rather envious of your backyard, you have a fine array of fungi on your doorstep. Fungi are highly photogenic and they’re amazing things from a biochemical perspective too. I’ve taken thousands of fungus pictures but my problem is how to identify them and one of my missions is to find a mycology course and learn how to do that properly. Do you know what all the species are in your collage?

    Keep posting the fungi!



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