Dirty Snow on the Side of the Road

In many of my blog posts, I tend to seek out small insignificant things and capture their fleeting moments of time. I try to breathe a little life into these short-lived ordinary subjects that are frequently gone before I can post the articles. We often focus so much on our destinations each day, that we seldom notice those things we come across along the journey.

Having said this, I am afraid I have gone a little overboard this time. The subject of this blog is snow. But not the soft blanket of snow from a scene you would expect to see on a postcard or jigsaw puzzle. I am talking about snow that has been piled along the edge of the road by the plow. Once the weather has turned warm, and all the other snow has melted, what is left is the rain tortured lumps of white, encrusted with the sand and gravel which were spread to give cars traction just a few days before. These icy forms that remain appear like a parade of odd biomorphic shapes frozen in place.

I submit for your consideration dirty snow.

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