Digital Cabinet of Curiosities

Also known as rooms of wonder, cabinets of curiosities were spaces that contained specimens from the plant and animal kingdoms as well as archeological finds, geological samples, works of art, antiques and historical relics.

Cabinets of curiosities often featured specimens collected by scientific expeditions. They were generally owned by those with the financial means to stock and maintain them. These collections of relics were the forerunner of natural history museums.

Items collected were often oddities, or things not generally available for the average person of the day to see. Displays were often put together with little care for scientific accuracy, and there were also many sensational hoaxes that were achieved by a taxidermist stitching two different animals together. There will be none of that here. Any stitching will be done in photoshop.

This post will be dedicated to my private collections and the strange visages I come across as I assemble my own digital cabinet of curiosities. My first display is below. More will follow.


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2 Responses to Digital Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. Kelly J. says:

    The shells look great against the blue. Where do you have the cabinet in your house?


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