The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant

What started out as a small cheesecake shop in the late 1940s has grown to a 150 location restaurant, bakery and bar, known as The Cheesecake Factory. The CF features 200 items, made fresh daily from scratch.

The Cheesecake Factory offers an impressive menu of mouthwatering appetizers to start you out with. The selection includes fire-roasted fresh artichoke and Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls. We chose to forgo appetizers, in hopes of having enough room for desert after our meal.

Entrees include several styles of pizza, 17 types of “glamburgers”, pasta, seafood, as well as a full offering of specialties. The four season pizza was exceptional. The tasty crust was topped with oven roasted tomatoes, artichokes, prosciutto, wild mushrooms and fresh mozzarella. Vietnamese tacos, the incredible grilled eggplant sandwich, herb crusted salmon filet, grilled chicken medallions and cajun jambalaya pasta are among other entrees on the substantial menu.

There are 36 varieties of cheesecake alone, not including the other bakery options, making desert a difficult decision. It was hard to chose between the ultimate red velvet cake cheesecake and the lemoncello cream tort. Because of the generous portion sizes, we had to settle for splitting a single slice of fresh strawberry cheesecake between four of us. But before we left, we ordered two more slices of cheesecakes to take home with us. The Godiva chocolate brownie cheesecake was amazing.

The Cheesecake Factory does offer three weight management salads, a small plate menu, and a couple low carb cheesecakes. However, many of the selections are very high in calories. In fact, two of the menu items made the Xtreme 8 list. The farmhouse burger has a whopping 1,530 calories (plus 460 calories for the side of fries). And the ultimate red velvet cheesecake contains 1,540 calories. So, if calories are a concern, split a slice with someone in your group, or take half home for later.

The Cheesecake Factory is opened for lunch and dinner. The food is reasonably priced, and I would say a good value for the quality of the food served. The Tigard, Oregon location which we visited has nice atmosphere for a casual dinning restaurant and the waitress was friendly and helpful. All items on the menu are available for carry-out and there is a brunch on Sunday from 10 am until 2 pm. For more information about a location near you, or to see the full menu selection go to The Cheesecake Factory’s website.

Bon Appétit!

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