A Halloween Diorama

Both of my sons really love Halloween.

For years, I put on a “scary movie” night for my eldest son, Chris, in which I would transform the TV room into a setting to fit the theme of the movie we would watch. This tradition kind of evolved into several activities centered around the Halloween season.

To go along with this Halloween fervor, I made Chris a “spooky” diorama for a Christmas present a couple years ago. It has 13 areas, each with something of personal interest to my son, and of course related to Halloween in some way.

The one I like the best is the ceramic cupcake with a spider on it. Cupcakes are my son’s favorite dessert, and spiders are his worst fear. Tempting, yet terrifying. It made for a nice bit of irony. And the top comes off to make a candy dish, so Chris can keep his stash of candy corns in it.

The diorama is over 25 inches tall. Some of the components such as the figures were purchased, from thrift or craft stores. But in the case of the Jack Skellington, it turned out to be a two month long search on E-bay to find just the right figure. Other pieces like the rock areas were carved from polystyrene.

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9 Responses to A Halloween Diorama

  1. This is really fantastic! Good job.


  2. Wow! Your son is the luckiest kid in the world!

    It is totally awesome! Makes me want to trade my mother in for you ^^
    Fantastic job!


  3. The word that comes to mind here is: AWESOME!! I LOVE THIS. I’m a huge Halloween fan myself, as is my daughter (well, she’s three… what three-year-old doesn’t love Halloween?!). I might have to steal this idea! What a treasure!


  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG, I just sat down and watched Nightmare before Christmas again… so funny to find your post now! I wish I could live in HalloweenTown, it’s too cool!


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