Here comes the Kale

Each of the four seasons has its own unique beauty. With winter comes the possibility of snow. In spring, new life emerges. Summer brings long hot days. And autumn shows nature’s amazing palette of warm colors, offset by a chill that creeps into the air.

But if there is a time of year that brings me difficulty, it is between summer and fall, when everything is dry and most of the plants have finished their show. And I realize that the next growing season is now many months away.

The thing that brings this point into sharp focus for me is the first time I visit my local Fred Meyer’s, and see kale filling the plant shelves where a short while ago held a wide assortment of flowering plants.

This year, however, I came up with a plan to get me through this. Earlier in the year I took photos of some of the flowers in my yard, and I put them into a small slideshow. Nothing fancy. Just a reminder of what was, and what will be again. I am hoping this will get me by until I began to notice the bright orange of autumn, and get lost in its beauty.

I must confess, this is mainly for myself, but if you too have a hard time this time of year, you are welcome to view this slideshow. I hope it helps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to Here comes the Kale

  1. Wonderful slideshow! The poppy is lovely (as are all the other flowers in the series). The macro shot of the center of the poppy is so sharp and beautifully composed. Thanks for the link!


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