A Rhody that Forgot to Check the Calendar

In my hometown, springtime is ablaze with vibrant color as the blooms of rhododendrons put on a show. They seem to be everywhere. But before long the flowers fade and drop to the ground, leaving the nasty deadheads to contend with (or ignore).

However, in my front yard, next to the road, there is one small unassuming rhododendron which does not show its color along with the rest. It waits… and waits. Spring turns into Summer, and Summer into Autumn, and still it waits.

And then when the leaves of many of the trees have already turned, and many others have fallen, this one small bush decides to do what it should have done months ago, bloom. And what would have been lost among the many in April or May, instead puts on a rare spectacle for all those who pass by to see.

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One Response to A Rhody that Forgot to Check the Calendar

  1. montucky says:

    Pretty cool to have that one plant in bloom this late. Until the last heavy snow we had a delphinium that bloomed late too, and I noticed several of the wildflowers seemed to bloom twice this year.


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