A Village of Christmas Magic all Year Long

There is a place where it is always winter, and continually Christmas, even in the depths of Summer. And this place just happens to be in the den of my home.

What started out as a small collection of Precious Moments figurines, evolved to include Santa dolls, nutcrackers, snow globes, Christmas village pieces, and finally all things Christmas.

At first, many of these collections were only seasonally displayed, and packed in boxes for ten months out of the year. But as the volume of pieces in the collections mounted, and we ran out of storage, it became apparent that we would have to rethink our display situation.

The solution was to leave the pieces out permanently, making our den a year round Christmas room.

A particular challenge was the Christmas village. Every shelf was already filled. There was no room left to fit several large houses. And even if we tried to make space for the village, we had no single place large enough to put them together as a group.

I ended up building a shelf above a window to fit everything on. And with some thick sheets of polystyrene and lots of batting for snow, everything was in place to house a permanent snow village. A clear light rope was strung around the shelf, just under the edge of the batting. This gave everything a nice magical Christmas glow.

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Although we can now enjoy the village any time, I like it best on those chilly winter nights,  when the lights in the room are dimmed. The glow coming through the little windows of each building seems to warm the room just as much the fire that is crackling in the wood stove. And on special nights, when the Christmas magic is strong enough, I find myself walking the snow covered trails of the village, taking a ride on a sled, and then heading to the bistro to warm my hands with a mug of hot chocolate.

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2 Responses to A Village of Christmas Magic all Year Long

  1. montucky says:

    What an incredibly beautiful Christmas village!


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