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The Versatile Blogger Award

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The Versatile Blogger Award is one of the accolades bestowed by members within the WordPress community. To my surprise, my blog, btweenblinks has been nominated for this prestigious award. In order to satisfy the terms of acceptance, I must do … Continue reading

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Unidentified Lichen Discs

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The largest of these discs (apothecia) is 3mm across. I spent several hours trying to determine the species of lichen shown in the photo above. Finding the genus (Lecanora) was not difficult, but I could not narrow it down to … Continue reading

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Portland’s Chocolate Festival

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Today my wife and I went to the seventh annual ChocolateFest in Portland, Oregon. This event is a fundraiser for the World Forestry Center which is in Washington Park next to the Oregon Zoo. The WFC is a non-profit organization … Continue reading

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Adaptations of the Goldenrod Crab Spider

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The goldenrod crab spider is the most abundant of all the flower spiders. This is in part due to abilities it has acquired through adaptation. One of these adaptations is the two sets of enlarged front legs. This allows the spider … Continue reading

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Orange Jelly Fungus

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Whether you see this as gorgeous or disgusting, it certainly makes you take notice. This is an orange jelly fungus, most likely, Dacrymyces palmatus. The pictured specimen was photographed 11-1-11 and was about eight inches across.

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Discovering the World of Lichens

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On a walk through the woods, most of us would probably be able to point out a couple varieties of lichens. We find them on broken branches that have fallen from the forest canopy. Others grow on shorter trees void … Continue reading

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