Beauty in Decay

It is February, and the blades of these hydrangea flowerheads have succumb to the nonnegotiable forces of nature. However the veins have held out to treat us to a glimpse of delicate beauty.

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7 Responses to Beauty in Decay

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another great image Rick. Nice work.

    Even though it’s the result of decay that’s not the first thought when I look at it. It evokes notions of the awe inspiring durability of nature as the denuded vascular tissue of the leaves may well become a substrate for other orgnanisms to encroach, survive and flourish. BW. Finn


  2. Absolutely splendid! And I just want to say that Finn’s comment above is fantastic. I couldn’t say it any better.


  3. montucky says:

    They are gorgeous and your capture of them is outstanding!


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