Yakima Valley Cherry Buds

The cherry tree that produced these buds is approximately 70 years old. It is located in the Yakima valley of Washington State. Because of the long growing season and rich soil in the valley, the area is the nation’s top producer of apples, hops and mint. Cherries grown statewide are third in the country for cherry production.

This particular tree does not produce as it once did. Years ago the fruit grew in such dense clusters, it took little time to fill our gallon cooler just before heading back over the Cascades to Western Washington. And even with all the people who came to pick cherries from this tree, much of the crop remained unharvested after the season was over.

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4 Responses to Yakima Valley Cherry Buds

  1. Bruce Hagen says:

    Rick, very impressive images. I’d love to see the tree in full bloom. The upper three images are the expanding flower buds. The fruit or ovaries will be formed below the flower parts: sepals (the petal-like outer protective or enclosing covering); petals (the conspicuous, colored parts of the flower); stamen the parts that produce the pollen (male cells), and the style (tube leading to the ovary contained within the base of the flower. The latter is not visible in the bottom image. I;m curious what you did with 90 gallons of cherries. We have some friends that make a pretty good cherry wine from fruit they pick near Stockton, CA. I suspect that you dry some, can some and make a lot of cherry pies and cobblers. In Sebastopol, CA, where we live all of the apple orchards are in bloom — it’s quite spectacular. Unfortunately, most of the old orchards are being replaced by vineyards. There is a lot more money in Pinot noir and Chardonnay than Gravenstein apples or cider.


  2. Wow, Rick, these are fantastic photographs! Really wonderful images. I can only imagine that the cherries produced by such a beautiful tree must taste delicious!


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