Dryer Drum gets New Life in the Garden

Our clothes dryer gave out on us a couple months ago, and we had to buy a new one. Take a look at what I used the old dryer drum for.

Okay, this may not be for everyone, but with nothing more than a little spray paint, the drum can be converted into a good sized planter.

Make sure to put something over the large drain area that will allow water through, but as the same time keep the soil in if the planter ever has to be moved. I used a scrap of heavy gauge vinyl coated welded wire fencing material. You should be able to find something lying around that will work. Perhaps a couple of boards with a gap in the center.

Since I was just making an herb garden, using shallow rooted plants, I filled the bottom half with broken up polystyrene packing material that I had saved for just such an occasion. It keeps the weight down while still allowing water to drain.

I have recycled several items into flower pots over the years: A wheelbarrow and a radio flyer wagon to name a few. However this is the first time I have used a dryer drum. The chance of you coming across a dryer drum in the near future may be slim, but you might keep your eyes open for other things that could make a suitable planter.

For a related story, check out a creative way to recycle old plastic flower pots.

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8 Responses to Dryer Drum gets New Life in the Garden

  1. Great idea and a great paint job!


  2. Finn Holding says:

    Brilliant idea Rick, and it looks great!


  3. What a great idea! And your herb garden is beautiful!


  4. Sandra Stupple-Harris says:

    Beautiful! I have a drum just like that ready for re-purposing. What kind of spray paint did you use and did it wear well?


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