Maybe Mallow

I am, by no means an expert on flowers. I’m just a guy with low batteries in my point and shoot camera, walking in the back yard. These plants come up each year in one section of a flower bed. I’m sure I planted them there years ago, but I don’t recall what they are, possibly mallow. I am lucky today; it is overcast with just an occasional breath of wind. On many days, these flowers swing wildly on their four foot stems. In this slideshow, you may even see a few of the visitors I was lucky enough to catch before they moved on, as well as some long term residents incased in leaf galls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some interesting facts about mallow I found after the original posting:

The mallow family contains 85 genera (27 in US) for a total of 1,500 species. Hollyhock, hibiscus and cotton are all members of the Mallow family. This family is recognized by a 5-petaled, funnel-shaped flower and a distinctive column of numerous stamens surrounding the pistil.

Okra is the edible fruit of a type of hibiscus, and marshmallows were originally made from a variety of hollyhock.

The information for this section was found at:

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6 Responses to Maybe Mallow

  1. I’d say they were hollyhocks, which is why they look like Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus.


  2. Beautiful slideshow, Rick. The colors of these flowers are stunning. You’ve approached the flowers from some wonderful angles that allow us to enjoy all of the delicate details. I love the shots of the bumblebee and the ladybug! Great work!


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