While going through a gate in my back yard this afternoon, I placed my hand within inches of a dragonfly. I was surprised that this normally skidderish insect did not fly away when I approached.

I went to the house and got my camera, hoping that the dragonfly would be willing to stay still for a little photo op.

When I got back, the dragonfly was perched upon the antenna of a car. As I tried to get some photos, I had to constantly fiddle with my camera, since it was not working properly. Periodically the dragonfly would zoom off, but kept coming back to the antenna. At some point I think the dragonfly came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a predator, or if I was, I must have been a very bad one. On two occasions it landed on the finger I had poised over the shutter button (I would have gotten a picture of this, but it created an obvious strategic difficulty), and hung out there for a bit before making it’s way back to the antenna.

After a while, I decided to leave the poor thing alone and let it get back to finding a meal.

I have always been amazed that the dragonfly’s wings can be so delicate and intricate and at the same time can propel this tiny creature with such speed and maneuverability. They are truly a thing of beauty as well as a marvel of design.

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9 Responses to Dragonfly

  1. Nice photo op! I agree with you about the wings of a dragonfly: they’re absolutely fascinating!


  2. Maybe its’ trying to mate with it!


  3. Finn Holding says:

    Hello Rick, got to agree with you about dragonflies – the most fascinating and simultaneously photogenic insects.


  4. Colognelia says:

    This looks like a Ruddy Darter (Sympetrum sanguineum), but for sure it’s a male of one the Darter-Dragonflies. They are known for being hard to impress and don’t show any signs of being desturbed even when you come very close to them with the cameralens. They seem cheeky and fearless and even chase away much bigger male dragonflies. They are a perfect photo motive in late summer and early fall. Nice shot!


  5. I wish I could find such a willing subject. They see me coming and usually disappear.


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