Candle-Snuff Fungi in Winter

Candle-Snuff Collage

Candle-Snuff Tree

Merry Christmas!

If you really wanted to know about candle-snuff fungi click Here.

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7 Responses to Candle-Snuff Fungi in Winter

  1. That’s a crazy fungus! Merry Christmas to you too Rick.


  2. Bruce Hagen says:

    Rick, truly amazing! I don’t know where you fine these natural wonders. I never see these things when I’m digging around in the forest duff. Dang! All I ever find is earth worms and dung beetles. Guess I’ll just have to look harder. I just want to know who, or perhaps what organism or mythic being decorated these tiny fungal fruiting structures in such a festive manner.– a wood nymph perchance? Hmmm? I’ll bet The NSA would probably know…
    Nicley done… Merry Christmas


  3. skadhu says:

    LOL! and Merry Christmas backatcha!


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