Ice Clubs

Ice Covered Grass BladesWhile much of the country has been pounded by bone chilling temperatures, it has remained fairly mild here in Washington State. It is difficult to whine about our recent dip into the twenties when others have experienced, and continue to withstand much worse weather.

Yesterday, as I was driving on a country road, I came upon a culvert that was spewing water out into the roadside ditch. Splashes caught the tall blades of grass, freezing instantly, and temporarily entombing them in ice. These ice “clubs” seemed interesting enough to compel me to turn around and snap a couple photos.

To a vast swath of the country experiencing unprecedented cold, this post might seem unworthy of the space it occupies. However, it caught the attention of someone who has not had to endure the extreme adversity of winter’s cruel wrath.

Ice ClubsI hope that you and your family remain safe and warm.

Only 41 days until Spring!

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6 Responses to Ice Clubs

  1. This has been a winter to remember for sure. Is it unusual for your area to see snow and cold?


  2. Sue says:

    The ice that breaks branches and downs power lines, no thanks! I’ll stick with the bitter cold (MN).


  3. mariekeates says:

    Here in Southern England we have had the warmest wettest winter I remember with lots of flooding. I’d quite welcome a little ice. I love the ice clubs


  4. This is beautiful, it looks like glass.


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