Digging Deep for Chives

Chives in SnowThis morning, my wife and I braved the foot deep snow to come off the hill and do our Sunday morning grocery shopping. While at the produce area, Kelly asked if we had any chives at home. I said yes, as we passed by the chilled herbs, although to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure if we did.

The rest of the day went by, and we went about our business. About 45 minutes before dark, she asked if I had picked the chives yet. “I’m on my way to do it now,” I said.

Did you ever notice that everything kind of looks the same in deep snow? I remember about a week ago seeing little sprouts of chives coming up, and I was thinking, that’s Chivesodd, chives in the first part of February. Maybe that is normal – I just don’t remember seeing it before.

Okay, so now I’m under pressure. It will be dark soon and I promised chives in the middle of winter, and I’m going to have to do some digging. After a couple minutes I was getting a little nervous. When I got though the snow, all I was finding was dirt. But soon, I struck a patch of green, and it was chives!

I delivered the chives as I said I would and Kelly used them in the scrambled eggs we had for dinner.

Is there a lesson to take away from all this. Probably, but I’m not too bright, and am just glad I’m off the hook – for now.


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3 Responses to Digging Deep for Chives

  1. Chives are usually very early but this is the earliest I’ve heard of them.


  2. mariekeates says:

    My chives have been up for ages but then we have hardly had a winter here this year just rain, wind and more rain.


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