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A Brief Look at the Dragonfly Transformation

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The dragonfly begins its life as an aquatic larva also called a nymph. Dragonflies live in ponds and calm areas of rivers and streams. While in this larval form, the dragonfly is a predator, feasting on mosquito larvae, aquatic insects, … Continue reading

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Phantom in Full View

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Last week, my eldest son and I went on a hike on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge (Dog Mountain). It was a hot day, but we hit the trail early, and reached the summit before noon. Large … Continue reading

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Painted Lady Butterfly

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The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) is also known as the Thistle butterfly and the Cosmopolitan. By some accounts it has the widest distribution of all the butterflies. Females generally lay single, light green eggs on top of a host plant … Continue reading

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Ice Clubs

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While much of the country has been pounded by bone chilling temperatures, it has remained fairly mild here in Washington State. It is difficult to whine about our recent dip into the twenties when others have experienced, and continue to … Continue reading

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Candle-Snuff Fungi in Winter

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Merry Christmas! If you really wanted to know about candle-snuff fungi click Here.

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How I Know it’s Spring

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This year, Spring began on March 20th. But there are those of us who gauge the start of Spring by what we observe in nature, rather than by the date on the calendar determined by the vernal equinox. There are … Continue reading

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A whimsical Gate

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I’m taking a little break from my camp series to throw in a couple random posts. I came upon this gate while walking just south of Seaside, Oregon. It had a charm that forced me to stop and take some … Continue reading

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Tiger Swallowtail

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I have set a goal for myself to start learning how to take photos of things that move. This means I will need to tinker with the shutter speed and other settings and not just rely upon the auto mode. … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award, Really?

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You can imagine my surprise when this blog, which features such titles as Dirty Snow on the Side of the Road, Rusty Hinges and Orange Jelly Fungi Provide a Feast for Springtails, was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. It … Continue reading

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Lady’s Mantle: It may Surprise You

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I was given an unmarked plant several years ago. I found a place for it in a flower bed in my back yard and it pretty much got lost among the more showy plants around it. But then yesterday, while … Continue reading

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