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My Painted Lady Makes the Big Time

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In the middle of August of 2014, I took some photos of a painted lady butterfly feeding on the nectar from a Buddleia plant (butterfly bush) in our yard. Many of the pictures were out of focus, too far out … Continue reading

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Butterflies and “Puddling”

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We tend to think of butterflies as creatures that receive all their nutrition by moving from flower to flower, foraging for nectar. Carbohydrate rich nectar does give butterflies the quick energy they need to fly. But for some butterflies – … Continue reading

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Oak Galls

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Towards the end of summer, my youngest son and I decided to hike a section of a nature reserve located about a 45 minute drive from our house. The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 5,200 acres of marshes, … Continue reading

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Grey Hairstreak Butterfly

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Part way up Satus Pass in the Cascade Mountains (Washington State), Brooks Memorial Park has a small butterfly garden. Even though our travels have taken us this direction three previous times this summer, and the flowers were all in bloom, … Continue reading

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Hammock Webs

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Many of us get a little freaked out when it comes to spiders–But it’s hard not to be amazed by their skills as web-makers. Without the use of tools or materials they are able to manufacture the raw materials on … Continue reading

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The Hoverfly

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This hoverfly is backlit through a grape leaf. It was kind enough to stay still while I moved my camera within inches of it to capture these images. For the most part, hoverflies are camera shy as they flit from … Continue reading

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In general, leafhoppers feed by penetrating the underside of leaves and sucking out the sap. Hosts include numerous varieties of grasses and many other vascular plant species. Some leafhopper species are considered “agricultural pests” for the damage they do to … Continue reading

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While going through a gate in my back yard this afternoon, I placed my hand within inches of a dragonfly. I was surprised that this normally skidderish insect did not fly away when I approached. I went to the house … Continue reading

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Do You Like Spiders and Snakes?

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Before you answer this question, you’re probably wondering why I chose to ask about these two particular animals. What do they have in common? A fair question. Well, first off, they make a nice alliteration for my title. Yes, I know. Pretty … Continue reading

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Hitching a Ride: Sexton Beetles and Phoretic Mites

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I came across a fascinating example of a mutualistic symbiotic relationship today in my back yard. Unfortunately, the few photos I was able to take did not turn out well. However, even without adequate visual support, I though this interesting … Continue reading

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