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Yellow Goat’s Beard

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2012 CAMP SERIES: WILDFLOWER 1 My posts including photos taken in the summer are still trickling out, and here is another from my only camping trip of the year. Although the top of Chinook Pass was still cloaked in snow, … Continue reading

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Trilliums Show their Stuff

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The Western White Trillium usually blooms about three weeks before Easter in Western Washington. To get more information about this showy flower, and to see a photo collage showing the color change that takes place, go to: The Western White Trillium (Trillium Ovatum), … Continue reading

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Pacific Bleeding Heart

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There are many wonders to enjoy as I walk the trail behind my house. But one of my favorites has to be Pacific Bleeding Heart  (Dicentra formosa) which lines the path in spring and into summer. The foliage creates a soft … Continue reading

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Radish Flowers

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While at a pumpkin patch this weekend in Vancouver, Washington, I couldn’t help but notice several types of similar flowers growing throughout the fields. I took a couple quick photos, but the wind and rain prevented me from taking any … Continue reading

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Fairy Lanterns, the Hidden Flowers

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Also known as Smith’s fairy bells, fairy lanterns (Prosartes smithii) are native to the deep moist wooded areas of western North America. Leathery oval leaves ending in a point, grow from upright stems with wide spreading branches. I have noticed … Continue reading

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Himalayan Impatiens, a plant of many aliases

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It took me a great deal of searching to identify this plant. I finally discovered it is Impatiens gladulifera, but I found over a dozen common names including Indian touch-me-not, ornamental jewelweed and policeman’s helmet. These wildflowers were nestled among … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Ghost Plant

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While hiking an Oregon coast trail last week, I came upon a very strange patch of flowering plants. The stems, leaves and flowers were all an odd translucent white, and the flowers were pointed downward, as if wilted. Luckily I … Continue reading

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Even Without the “View”, Saddle Mountain Offers Much

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Saddle Mountain boasts a breathtakingly picturesque panoramic view from its summit. But on a recent hike to the top with my two sons, our first visit to the area, clouds and fog obscured any chance of a view. On a … Continue reading

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Wildflowers and Plants Growing Along the Cliffs, South of Cannon Beach, Oregon

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On a recent weeklong visit to Cannon Beach, Oregon, I had plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy the beach. On one of my morning hikes along the shoreline, I noticed that there were many flowers blooming on … Continue reading

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The Western White Trillium (Trillium Ovatum), Stunning Early Bloomer of the Forest

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I always look forward to spring. The forest comes alive with new growth. One of the early attention grabbers along the trail behind my home is the Western White Trillium. A solitary three-petaled blossom unfurls from a stem about a … Continue reading

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