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Tiny Black Pearls: More Slime Mold

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While exploring the living things which made their home on a rotting alder log, I came upon something new to me. It was patch of what I initially though to be miniscule mushrooms with black glossy caps. After reviewing my photos … Continue reading

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Bird’s Nest Fungi

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Nidulariaceae is a family of fungi which is also known as bird’s nest fungi. the common name becomes quite obvious during the later stage of the fruiting body (peridium). This is when the lids open up to reveal the “eggs”, which … Continue reading

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Orange Slime Mold

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When I started this blog over eight months ago, I had a list of topics I would eventually get around to. Slime mold was not on that list. I guess it goes to show that things sometime take on a … Continue reading

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