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A Fungal Oddity

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Decomposition is a quiet and mostly hidden process. Those organisms involved in the business of decomposing generally tend to their job without a lot of fanfare. And yet these ecological heroes play an important role in the natural cycle of … Continue reading

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Questionable Stropharia: The Bearded Mushroom

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Stropharia ambigua, sometimes called roundhead, is a distinct and showy mushroom. However, because it is so common on the west coast of the United States, residents generally don’t see it as a highly prized specimen as its appearance would indicate. … Continue reading

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Mushrooms: The Fungi that Fascinate

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The wooded area behind my house is constantly changing. Trees and plants grow and develop, drawing energy from the sun and the decaying matter around them. And then at the appointed time, they die away and their remains sustain the … Continue reading

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