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Tiny Black Pearls: More Slime Mold

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While exploring the living things which made their home on a rotting alder log, I came upon something new to me. It was patch of what I initially though to be miniscule mushrooms with black glossy caps. After reviewing my photos … Continue reading

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Yakima Valley Cherry Buds

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The cherry tree that produced these buds is approximately 70 years old. It is located in the Yakima valley of Washington State. Because of the long growing season and rich soil in the valley, the area is the nation’s top … Continue reading

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Trilliums Show their Stuff

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The Western White Trillium usually blooms about three weeks before Easter in Western Washington. To get more information about this showy flower, and to see a photo collage showing the color change that takes place, go to: The Western White Trillium (Trillium Ovatum), … Continue reading

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Up on the Roof: A Place where Moss Thrives

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There is an entire industry dedicated to irradiating moss. Admittedly moss can become an annoyance in gardens and on roofs. But what would a walk through the forest be without rich green mosses covering the ground, rotten logs, live trees … Continue reading

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Hello Liverwort

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Yesterday’s wanderings led me to the bottom of a forest ravine. I stood at the edge of a deep trench where brown churning water flowed by with a force which demanded attention. But what caught my eye instead lay on … Continue reading

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At the End of its Rope

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A section of frayed nylon rope entangled itself with other debris upon the beach. The course it charted and purpose it once served is forever lost.

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Homemade Pizza can be a Memorable Event

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A couple times a year, I set a day aside to make pizza from scratch. Although the preparation is time consuming and requires a bit of work, it is also a lot of fun, and in the end, well worth … Continue reading

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Rusty Hinges

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On a recent trip to the Oregon coast, I came upon these rusty hinges. The lovely warm wash of color combined with the crackly worn appearance, compelled me to take some photos. No attempt was made to straighten or crop … Continue reading

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While walking the Oregon beaches, it is not uncommon to find several bull whip kelp that have washed up on the shore. The tangle of kelp becomes an oasis for tiny shore creatures which use it for shelter and feed … Continue reading

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Orange Jelly Fungi Provide a Feast for Springtails

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In the photo above, a large group of springtails is feeding upon an orange jelly fungus (Dacrymyces palmatus). Springtails are detritivores, which means that they consume decomposing organic matter. Other examples of detritivores include earthworms and crabs. They differ slightly … Continue reading

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