Okay, I’ve put this off long enough–the all important “about” page. After ten months, and 5,600 hits, I still have no clue what to write here.

Perhaps I just lack a sense of direction. Before I set up my blog, I sat down and wrote a list of about 40 story topics I wanted to cover. But I just keep getting side tracked. I have written a few stories from my original list, but most come from random discoveries.

Maybe that is the word I have been searching for, “discovery”. When I find something that is new to me, I want to know more. This is especially true with things in the natural world. My inquiries become part of the discovery process, and often lead down roads filled with fascinating details of how the world works. And the natural progression of these amazing revelations is to share my findings with others. I figure if these stories appeal to me, they are bound to intrigue a few others as well.

I rarely approach my subjects from the viewpoint of an “expert”. There are very few areas, if any that I have achieved a level of proficiency to attain that title. Much of what I write, comes after learning what others have found out from their own exhaustive research. I add to this new found knowledge, my own observations and outlook, with a perspective more akin to a child holding a butterfly in their hands for the first time.

I enjoy trying to seek out the small and fleeting things that we so often miss in the rush of life in this modern age. There are so many truly amazing things that we pass by every day, not knowing they even exist.

Why is this site named btweenblinks? Very simply, I wanted this site to have a strong visual essence, but to state it in a sort of poetic way. The name just popped into my head. Unfortunately it must have popped into someone else’s head as well, so I had to drop the first “e” from “between”.

Btweenblinks is in a constant state of evolving, adapting and refocusing. This first attempt at defining its objectives may not last long. But this only means that the direction this goes next is just another step in the process of discovery.

4 Responses to About

  1. seekraz says:

    Hello Rick – what an interesting blog you have here…rather random stuff, but intriguing, too.

    I saw that you stopped-by my blog the other day…thank you for visiting…and for letting me know you were there.


  2. I really like your “about” page, Rick. I’ve never known what to write for mine either, but I relate to what you say about ongoing discovery, finding awe in small, fleeting things and sharing the journey with others.


  3. khaolos says:

    Would you make some new posts, please? I love the ones about mushrooms the most!


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