Painted Lady Butterfly

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The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) is also known as the Thistle butterfly and the Cosmopolitan. By some accounts it has the widest distribution of all the butterflies. Females generally lay single, light green eggs on top of a host plant … Continue reading

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Grey Hairstreak Butterfly

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Part way up Satus Pass in the Cascade Mountains (Washington State), Brooks Memorial Park has a small butterfly garden. Even though our travels have taken us this direction three previous times this summer, and the flowers were all in bloom, … Continue reading

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Digging Deep for Chives

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This morning, my wife and I braved the foot deep snow to come off the hill and do our Sunday morning grocery shopping. While at the produce area, Kelly asked if we had any chives at home. I said yes, … Continue reading

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Running in the Snow

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Two days ago we were hit by a snowstorm that dumped several inches of fine powder on the area. We have been spared the devastating storms that much of the country has recently experienced, but now we have our first … Continue reading

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My First Running Post–Three Things I Can Always Count On

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For some time I have wanted to write about running. I am not quite ready to dedicate a blog site to the subject. So for now, I will try a few posts, tucked in between such titles as Mites Meet … Continue reading

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Ice Clubs

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While much of the country has been pounded by bone chilling temperatures, it has remained fairly mild here in Washington State. It is difficult to whine about our recent dip into the twenties when others have experienced, and continue to … Continue reading

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Another Look at Bird’s Nest Fungi

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It always fascinates me to see how many creative ways different organisms have found to not only survive, but flourish. Some do this using clever schemes to extend their range. Although many fungi live within narrow environmental parameters, their spore … Continue reading

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Hammock Webs

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Many of us get a little freaked out when it comes to spiders–But it’s hard not to be amazed by their skills as web-makers. Without the use of tools or materials they are able to manufacture the raw materials on … Continue reading

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Candle-Snuff Fungi in Winter

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Merry Christmas! If you really wanted to know about candle-snuff fungi click Here.

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The Hoverfly

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This hoverfly is backlit through a grape leaf. It was kind enough to stay still while I moved my camera within inches of it to capture these images. For the most part, hoverflies are camera shy as they flit from … Continue reading

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