One Lovely Blog Award, Really?

You can imagine my surprise when this blog, which features such titles as Dirty Snow on the Side of the Road, Rusty Hinges and Orange Jelly Fungi Provide a Feast for Springtails, was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. It just goes to show that beauty can be found in unexpected places.

In order to fulfill the requirements of accepting the One Lovely Blog Award, the following must be done:

  • Display the award graphic on your blog site
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their site
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Select and list 15 blogs that you believe deserve to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award
  • Personally inform these bloggers of their nominations, and provide a link back to their site.

Thanks goes to createityourself for the generous nomination. I have recently found this wonderful site, and always look forward to reading new posts. One of my favorite offerings is Stretching Supper: 7 recipes for 21 days of meals. I urge you to take some time to check out this diverse site.

Seven Facts About Myself

  1. I like to apply some form of creative energy to almost everything I do. For example, I couldn’t just use the graphic for this award as it is. I had to tweak it a bit. That is just part of who I am.
  2. A recurring dream I used to have; while standing in the hallway I would hold my breath and then be able to float.
  3. It is traditional, when I go to some place new, to find a rock to bring home as a souvenir, and place it around one of my ponds. Among the most memorable rocks are the one I carried around Italy which I pulled from the dry bed of “Italy’s shortest River”, and the one I hauled around while on a cycling tour in British Columbia. Both of these rocks weighed several pounds.
  4. I love everything muppet-related.
  5. A few of my collections include fluorescent minerals, pop-up books, alphabet books, View-master reels and classic creepy crawler molds.
  6. My favorite book series is Dune, including not only the Frank Herbert’s original series, but also all the books written by his son, Brian, along with Kevin J. Anderson.
  7. I consider myself an idea person, but I seldom make it beyond that stage.

Nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award

Listed below are a mix of sites I have been following for some time, and blogs I have discovered quite recently, and can’t wait to explore further. I would guess that some of these have already been nominated for this award. If this is the case, or you just don’t want to take the steps required to accept the nomination, no problem. Just consider the nomination to be an expression of the high value I place upon your site.

These selections are listed in no particular order. Please check them out when you get a chance. I have saved a few of the required nominations for sites that I have yet to discover.

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5 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award, Really?

  1. Oh wow, congratulations – but is that right, you’ve nominated little old me, now? Does that mean I have to post a blog as you’ve just done? If so, thanks so much. If not, is my face red 🙂 Where do I get the logo?


  2. Thank you Rick-I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I feel the same about yours and it is one of those that I read regularly. You’ve reminded me of other awards I’ve been given and have done nothing about, so this weekend I’ve got to try to make amends. Thanks again.


  3. steph says:

    Thank you for the nomination and thank you for reading my blog!


  4. Thanks so much, Rick, this is really kind of you! I love your recurring floating dream and ritual of bringing home a special rock when you travel. All the best to you!


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